How to Move your Stand-Alone Data Workbench Installation to a new PC

If you need to move a stand-alone installation of Data Workbench to a new PC, please follow these instructions.

  1. Prepare the current installation for deactivation.

    • If there are any templates or upload mappings that you wish to keep, you will need to export each one to a file.
    • You can Export your templates by going to the Template Browser Section and clicking the "Export Template' button.
    • You can Export your Upload Mappings by going to the Upload Mapping Section, clicking on the "Import/Export" button, and choosing "Export Mapping".
    • Your load files should be backed up or copied to a shared drive or disk so that they can be retrieved from the new machine. Exporting the Templates and Upload Mappings does not save the Load files.


  2. Deactivate the current installation. You can deactivate using either of the methods listed below:

    • Going to the Diagnostic and Configuration Utility located in the Quadrate--> Data Workbench folder of the start menu
    • Uninstalling Data Workbench from "Add/Remove Programs" in the Windows Control Panel. Before the uninstaller runs, the deactivation wizard should prompt to deactivate.


  3. Install Data Workbench on the new machine.

  4. Activate Data Workbench.

    • If you have Exported templates or Upload Mappings in step 1, you can Import them into your new installation by going to the respective section and click on the "Import" button.